Warehouse Racking

Greenwell Equipment are Scotland's number 1 distributer of AR Pallet Racking, stocking a full range of racking and accessories at our purpose built warehouse in Aberdeen. AR Racking utilises the very latest European production techniques. Using our in house design service, we can advise on best use of space for any size project.

Adjustable Pallet Racking

Adjustable Pallet Racking is highly versatile, giving easy access to every pallet using any type of fork lift truck. Levels are fully adjustable so it can be designed and changed to accommodate all pallet sizes. Our highly experienced, SEIRS Registered installation team will ensure that your projects are completed in a safe, and timely manner.

  • Product is always held in stock, meaning short lead times
  • AR Racking is manufactured to the latest FEM (European Federation of Materials Handling) Standards
  • Capable of carrying extremely heavy loads
  • Wide range of accessories available ex stock (Rack protection, decking boards etc)
  • We can supply new & used pallet racking from all major brands including Link 51 & Dexion

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is ideal for storing long and awkward sized loads. This system mainly consists of a base, a column and cantilever arms. Cantilever racking allows levels to be located on one or both sides of the column. Our highly experienced, SEIRS Registered installation team will ensure that your projects are completed in a safe, and timely manner.

  • Single or double sided design allows for maximum use of available space
  • Fully compliant with the latest British standards for structural steel
  • Each system is individual tailored to our clients requirements
  • Available in painted or galvanised finish, to suit indoor or outdoor requirements
  • British manufactured

Push Back Racking

A high density storage system that can accommodate up to 4 pallets deep. Pallets sit on specially designed gravity fed trolleys, meaning that as one pallet is loaded at the front, the pallet behind is pushed towards the rear of the system. Works on LIFO (Last In First Out) stock rotation system.

  • Last In, First Out stock rotation
  • Excellent use of available floor space
  • Pallets roll forward automatically for picking.

Drive-In Racking


The Drive-In Racking System is the optimal solution for storing homogeneous products with a large amount of unit loads per reference. It is a high-density storage system designed to maximize the floor space and height available by minimizing the working aisles for the truck.

  • High density storage for maximum use of space
  • Low stock rotation
  • Ideal for storing bulk stocks of the same goods


“Due to expansion of our new facility at Longside airfield, we identified a need for storage of a lot of oilfield equipment. With Greenwells help we very quickly had a new racking system in place which has made a huge difference to the available warehouse space we now have. Because Greenwell keep everything in stock we had everything delivered to us in Peterhead within 1 week of ordering.”

Glynn Geddie, Business Development Manager, Independent Oilfield Services, Longside, Peterhead