Greenwell Equipment


Greenwell, which is headquartered in Aberdeen’s Greenbank Road, specialises in cabins, modular buildings, shipping containers, warehouse racking and office furniture.

Launched in 1996 selling only second-hand furniture, Greenwell has since grown to work on some of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects.

We are a family business which was established in 1996 as dealers in second hand office furniture. We started the business under the name Greenwell Office Furniture, operating from a small office on Greenwell Road. As we expanded and diversified, we found it necessary to restructure the company and Greenwell Equipment was founded to reflect the rapidly expanding sales and installation of pallet racking, shelving, mezzanine floors, containers, cabins and forklifts. Greenwell Equipment is now the parent company of the group, incorporating Greenwell Office Furniture.

As we continued to expand it became necessary to acquire and develop our current location on Greenbank Road, incorporating our main offices, a purpose built furniture showroom and storage facility, our dedicated pallet racking warehouse and a storage facility for shipping containers.

Today we have gained an enviable reputation for the supply and installation of both pallet racking and office furniture, working to recognised industry standards such as the SEMA code of practice for pallet racking installation and inspection. All of our racking installers are SEIRS registered ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety in all our operations.

Delivering excellent customer service for over 27 years

Mark Turnbull

Mark Turnbull Managing Director

Richy Turnbull

Richy Turnbull Sales Director

Julie Wood

Julie Wood Company Director

Scott Brown

Scott Brown Sales Director

Clare Stewart

Clare Stewart Office Manager

Euan Grant

Euan Grant Operations Manager

Alan Western

Alan Western Sales Advisor

Zbigniew Biorka

Zbigniew BiorkaMaintenance Technician

Derek Robertson

Derek RobertsonWarehouse Operative

Mateusz Biorka

Mateusz BiorkaOffice Furniture Team

Brian Hay

Brian HayFurniture Installer

Jake Pennycook

Jake Pennycook Sales / Draughtsman

Cory Davidson

Cory DavidsonMarketing and Sales Advisor

Colin Wilson

Colin WilsonInstallations Supervisor

Go Green, Go Greenwell

We are keen to play our part and also help our clients to play their part in in protecting and preserving our environment. All our departments offer quality used and pre-owned equipment. So whether you are fitting out a new office, racking out a warehouse, or in need of cabins to provide temporary or semi-permanent work spaces, we can help you do this in a sustainable environmentally friendly way.

Importantly, pre-owned equipment typically offers significant savings over new, so why not Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.